Surviving The Quarantine (or How Cooking Is Saving My Sanity)

We’ve been on lock-down here in California for 5 weeks or so now.  As with the rest of humanity, I imagine, I find myself waking up each morning thinking, ‘WHAT JUST HAPPENED?”

Welcome to the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020.

I’m more fortunate than many.  Thankfully, we’re all healthy.  Not a single member of my family – either those isolating with me or those spread across the West Coast – has COVID-19.  This includes my nephew (a fire fighter here in the O.C.), my niece (an Emergency Room nurse up in Santa Rosa), and – most importantly – my 87 year-old Mama living in a Residential Board and Care about 3 miles away.   Even though I haven’t been allowed in her room for weeks now, I know she’s ok and I can still pick up her laundry, drop off little gifts, and bring her some home-cooked meals.

Another blessing:  We’re OK financially.  I’m semi-retired and my husband, many years younger, still works full-time.  THIS is major because the other people that live under the same roof with me are my 32 year-old daughter and our grandson, who is 11.  She was already unemployed and looking for work when the “CV” hit the fan.  Now, she homeschools our guy while continuing to look for work – along with MILLIONS of newly unemployed folk

So while my husband works and my daughter and grandson occupy themselves with his schooling, I keep busy (and sane) doing what I’ve always done – pandemic or not:


Dear Jesus, thank You that Mama taught me to cook as a young girl!  Thank You that not only is it a life skill that has served me  extremely well over the course of my life, it’s also been a life-long passion.  My happy place.  My primary love-language.  My therapy.

A couple years ago, I began putting together my own cookbook over at the Family Cookbook Project.  It has about 50 recipes so far, and includes food photos I’ve taken myself.  When I bought the special package deal, it included 5 FREE printings of the book – just enough for gifting one to my DIL up in Seattle (a budding Foodie herself) and one to my daughter, who’s not really not into cooking but would appreciate the gesture.  The others?  Well, a girlfriend or two might be interested….

Imagine my shock when, as I was processing my little book for print, the website told me my 5 FREE copies were actually going to cost me $1450!  EXCUSE ME??  Needless to say, that threw a bucket of cold water on the whole idea and I haven’t spent much time over there since.  I did, however, share the “behind the scenes” link to the cookbook with my DIL and she LOVES all the recipes.  Take that, FCP!

So why am I here starting a cooking blog in the middle of the Corona Virus Pandemic of 2020?  Well, I NEED to, I guess.  I’m a life-long Foodie, but I’m also a life-long writer.  Writing has been my other my happy place since writing in my first journal over 50 years ago.  I was a “BLOGGER” for a good decade or more, and as a marketing manager, my job frequently entailed writing articles for industry magazines, websites, and advertising materials.  I like to tell stories.  Stories that people can relate to and that also serve as an outlet for all the WORDS  in my head.   During this lock-down, I find I don’t talk much.  Heck, even before the lock-down, I didn’t talk much.  But man, do I have a lot of words that need a way out!

Creating a Food blog  seems like a win/win.  I don’t even care if anyone reads it, honestly.  I need to do this.  This is about my mental health.  Finding another creative outlet to share seems really important.  I don’t have any desire to jump into the deep end of the Depression Pool while the power’s that be decide when we can all get back to LIFE.

So – if you’ve stayed with me so far – WELCOME.  My goal is to share some truly delicious food, including recipes using ingredients that most of us have readily available in our frig and pantry.  Some Kitchen Hacks will also be included for those just starting their home-cooking journey, and I also want to share plenty of good things even the most seasoned home cook will find worth their thyme time.

Your comments and suggestions  are truly welcome, although PLEASE:  if you suggest TOO many changes to a certain recipe, it’s no longer my recipe but yours.  Just sayin’…..

So, with that – Let’s Get Cooking!

What's Cooking With You?

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